Reasons to shop from us leading China factory of wedding table linens, Warehouse located in Dallas Texas, Wholesale table linens, wedding table linens, wedding chair covers, chair bands, spandex stretch chair bands, organza chair sashes, satin sashes, pintuck & crush taffeta chair sashes, Embroidered Chair Sashes, tablecloths, Pintuck linens, napkins, table overlays, table skirts, table runners, etc.

Find premium table linens at great prices here! We are producing a broad selection of table linens for weddings, restaurants, parties, banquets, churches. Our beautifully designed wholesale table linens come in over 55 different colors, patterns and fabric combinations. We make each table linens product for your table to your exact specifications, Please click our table linens products page for details of all tablecloths, chair covers, Chair sashes, Table overlays, Table skirts..

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Featured Products

Round Striped Jacquard Polyester Tablecloths (4 sizes)Rhinestone Chair Sash / Chair Band Buckles (12 Styles)7"x13" Spandex Chair Bands (31 colors)85" Square Forest Taffeta Table Overlays (12 Colors)
90"x 132" Seamless Rectangle Forest Taffeta Tablecloths (12 Colors)90"x 156" Seamless Rectangle Forest Taffeta Tablecloths (12 Colors)12"x108" Forest Taffeta Table Runners (12 Colors)120" Round Seamless Forest Taffeta Tablecloths (12 Colors)
132" Round Forest Taffeta Tablecloths (12 Colors)13"x108" Pintuck Taffeta Table Runners (26 colors)12x108 Embroidered Organza Table Runners (30 Colors)13.5"x108"  Zebra Printed Satin Table Runner - White / Black (1pc )
12" x108" Satin Rosette Table Runners (12 Colors)13.5" x 108"  Satin Table Runners (55 Colors)12"x108" Ribbon Taffeta Table Runners (15 Colors)12"x108" Pinchwheel Taffeta Table Runners (18 Colors)
Leopard Animal Print Satin Table Runners (1 color)Spandex Banquet Chair Covers (25 Colors)Rouge Spandex Banquet Chair Covers (21 Colors)Versailles Chopin Damask Jacquard Polyester Banquet Chair Covers (11 Colors)
Marquis Damask Jacquard Polyester Banquet Chair Covers (10 Colors)Polyester Banquet Chair Covers (6 Colors)Jacquard Damask Polyester Banquet Chair Covers (9 Colors)Taffeta Universal Self Tie Chair Covers (21 Colors)
72x72 Square Satin Table Overlays ( 55 colors )85" Square Ribbon Taffeta Table Overlays (15 Colors)85"x85" Square Embroidered Organza Table Overlays (30 Colors)90" Round Satin Table Overlays ( 55 colors )
 Zebra Print Satin Table Overlays (2 sizes)Leopard Print Satin Table Overlays (3 sizes)120" Round Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloths (26 colors)Round Damask Jacquard Polyester Tablecloths (4 sizes)
120" Round Pinchwheel Taffeta Tablecloth (18 Colors)Rectangle Damask Jacquard Polyester Tablecloths (3 sizes)90"x132" Rectangle Seamless Pinchwheel Taffeta Tablecloth (18 Colors)120" Round Seamless Ribbon Taffeta Tablecloths (15 Colors)
132" Round Ribbon Taffeta Tablecloths (15 Colors)90"x156" Rectangle Seamless Pinchwheel Taffeta Tablecloth (18 Colors)Chiffon Chiavari Chair Covers  ( 8 Colors)Chiffon Chiavari Chair Covers With Sashes  (8 Colors)
Ballerina Spandex Chiavari Chair Covers (13 Colors)8"x108" Satin Chair Sashes (55 Colors)8"x 108" Organza Chair Sashes (40 Colors)12x116 Organza Chair Sashes (40 Colors)
8"x108" Embroidered Chair Sashes (30 Colors)  9"x 108" Crystal Organza Chair Sashes (32 Colors)9.5"x108" Pintuck Taffeta Chair Sashes (26 Colors)9.5"x108" Crushed Taffeta Chair Sashes (26 colors)
7.5"x108" Damask Jacquard  Polyester Chair Sashes (13 colors)8" x 108"  Zebra Print Satin Chair Sashes (5 Colors )8"x108" Leopard Print Satin Chair Sashes (1 Color)